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RESCCReserve certificate
CACIBInternational CC
BISBest in show
BIGBest in group
BOBBest of breed
BOSBest opposite sex
BBBest of bitch
BDBest of dogs
POHPrice of honour
VGVery good


Tiina and Fiona in Winner 2008 John Walsh looking for Jake in Winner 2008 Jake and Reija in Winner 2008 Jyväskylä INT. 23.11.2008 FIONA Minttu and VARPU in puppy show 16.11-08 Minttu and VARPU in puppy show 16.11-08 Onni B-puppy in Kajaani Onni BOS-puppy Mari, Samppa ja Bambi in Turku 2.11.2008 BOB-puppy Bambi in Turku 2.11.2008 Sisu in Tampere 30.8 Lissu and Niina in Tampere 30.8-08 Justiina in Tampere 30.8-08 Justiina got rescac in Valkeakoski 23.8 Lissu and Justiina in Valkeakoski 23.8 Justiina in Valkeakoski 23.8 MOSSE and SAMMY in Specialshow 10.8 FIONA in Specialshow handled by Tiina Pitkämö Openclass bitches MAISA,LISSU and JUSTIINA Justiina under judging Father and daughter MINNI in Specialshow Vantaa TYTTI in specialshow JAKE and Reija in specialshow breeder group in Vantaa Sammys progenyclass Pinebulls Dream Maker and owner Ville Vuorenmaa in Sawo Show Pinebulls Dream Maker in Sawo Show Pinebulls All My Life in Sawo Show Wenla, Pinebulls Beautiful Soul in Sawo Show Minni in Sawo Show Breeder Group in Sawo Show Fiona in Kuopio Sawo Show Sisu in Kuopio Sawo Show Uuno and Arto in Kuopio Lissu in Turku 26.7.2008 Fiona in WW-08 Pinebulls Fall n Love in WW-08 Fiona in WW-08 Möwens Kismet and Pinebulls Fall in Love in WW-08 Minni in WW-08 Sisu in Forssa 14.6 Sisu in Forssa 14.6 Jussi and Lissu in Somero Niina and Lissu in Somero Lissu and Niina in Somero Minni in Somero Minni in Somero Lissu & Niina in Lahti Kv 27.4.2008 FinMva Pinebulls Beautiful Soul in Lahti Kv 27.4.2008 Fiona in Vaasa Best Dog- class Ville & Mosse in Vaasa FIONA, BOB in Kankaanpää Fiona ja Tiina Pitkämö in Kankaanpää Tiina, Leea ja tytöt Kankaanpään junnukehässä Samu and Hannis in Tampere Fiona and Tiina in Tampere Niina ja Lissu Mosse and Ville breeder group Uuno in Ylihärmä with Arto Pitkämö Fiona in Ylihärmä handled by Tiina Pitkämö Fiona in Ylihärnä UUNO and Arto Pitkämö JUSTIINA handled by M.Kosonen in Turku 26.1 Lissu and Niina in Turku 26.1 Pinebulls Chain of Gold FIONA in Turku 26.1 Juniors Papu and Fiona Tiia & Papu in Turku 26.1