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RESCCReserve certificate
CACIBInternational CC
BISBest in show
BIGBest in group
BOBBest of breed
BOSBest opposite sex
BBBest of bitch
BDBest of dogs
POHPrice of honour
VGVery good


FIONA and Tiina Pitkämö in Winner 2007 UUNO ja Arto Pitkämö in Winner 2007 Reija & Jake in Winner 2007 JAKE and Reija in Winner 2007 Jake ja Reija Hyvinkäällä 29.9.2007 Breeders group Pinebulls 8.9.2007 in Porvoo Intermediate class, Uuno, Mosse, Sami Uuno, Best intermediate bulldog and Owners Pinebulls Expected Fellow and Reija Maunula in Porvoo Pinebulls Easy Rider and Tea Ihalainen in Porvoo Pinebulls baby-boys 6months in Porvoo 8.9.2007 Pinebulls Dream Maker and owner Ville Vuorenmaa in Porvoo 8.9.2007 Silla in Porvoo 8.9.2007, handled by Maria Toivanen Justiina in Porvoo 8.9.2007  Pinebulls Cover Girl handled by Carita Mäkitarkka in Porvoo Pinebulls Damn Good Guy in Tervakoski handled by Nina Toivo Tikru in Tervakoski Int. 26.8.2007 Justiina in Tervakoski Int. 26.8.2007 Best Bitch - class in Nokia 18.8.2007 MINNI, BOB in Nokia 18.8.2007 Justiina, Pinebulls Diva in Nokia 18.8.2007 Uuno, Pinebulls Dear Fellow in Nokia 18.8.2007 Minni in Ronneby 12.8.2007 Tikru in Ronneby 12.8.2007 Ronneby 12.8.2007 Tikru in Oslo 11.8.2007 Minni in Turku Pinebulls All My Life, Minni in Turku Hyvinkää 22.7.2007 Hyvinkää 22.7.2007 Hyvinkää 22.7.2007 Hyvinkää 22.7.2007 Missi & Saija in Kokkola Uuno and Arto in Kokkola MOSSE & VILLE IN KOKKOLA CAC- & RESCAC WINNERS Minni in Piteå 7.7.2007 Tikru in Piteå 7.7.2007 Tikru in Piteå 7.7.2007 Pinebulls Catch The Gold in Karjaa 1.7.2007 handled by Merja Hakala Tuusula 30.6.2007 Seabright Silver Sisu Tuusula 30.6.2007 Pinebulls All My Life Tuusula 30.6.2007 Pinebulls Diva Tuuri 3.6.2007 Pinebulls Dream Maker Tuuri 3.6.2007 Pinebulls Dream Maker handled by Ville Vuorenmaa Tuuri 3.6.2007 Sisu BOB-puppy in Rauma 19.5.07 Sisu and Marjaana Pinebulls Athletic Man handled by Emma Laine in Rauma 19.5.07 Pinebulls Athletic Man, Harjavalta 13.5.2007 Jewbull's Celine Dion and Marjaana Kosonen Harjavalta 13.5.2007 Jewbull's Celine Dion Pinebulls Diva in Harjavalta 13.5.2007 Pinebulls Diva in Harjavalta 13.5.2007 Pinebulls Athletic Man, Pinebulls Athletic Man, handled by Marjaana Kosonen Vaasa Int 15.4.2007 Pinebulls Chain Of Gold Vaasa Int 15.4.2007 Pinebulls Dream Maker and Ville Vuorenmaa Vaasa Int 15.4.2007 Pinebulls Dear Fellow and Arto Pitkämö BOB Pinebulls Dear Fellow Juniorbrothers Pinebulls Dear Fellow and Pinebulls Dream Maker Pinebulls Catch The Gold Pinebulls Cover Girl Pinebulls Black Eye Girl