MinniINT & FIN & S & EST CH EW-06 ESTW-08 Pinebulls All My Life


Sex Bitch
Color White with brown marks
Born 25.8.2003
Breeder Marjaana & Aki Kosonen
Owner Marjaana & Aki Kosonen

INT & FIN & S CH Wencar River of Gold Eng Ch Belushi Rythm and Blues Britishpride Power 'N' Glory Petworth Captain Pugwash of Ringablok
Eng Ch Petworth Passion Potter of Britishpride
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Wigin Wanda of Belushi
Dendav Missy Juliet at Wencar Wencar Little Devil Dawnstar Diplomat
Edgewick Little Tina of Wencar
Wencar Golden Child At DenDav Eng Ch Esclusham Golden Chimes of Wencar
Edgewick Little Tina of Wencar
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Merriveen Milady
Jumano Miss Jet Setter With Bondabull Lynmans Living Legend
Birklea Mirror Image of Jumano
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Black Hope Halloween Queen
Omajlav Nest Egg Omajlav Haggart Hound
Omajlav Fabulous Face