Vertti takes it all
(Best In Show, Best of Breed, Best dog, Best dog in Intermediate class,
Best dog born in Finland, Certificate)

Vertti posing as Best Dog

BOB (Vertti) & BOS (Heavy Bull's Glenmorangie)

On the right Tikru, best bitch in Champion Class. On the left Lav Eipril Bomond, best in Champion Class

Sammy's progeny class was best in show.

Tikru was best of Champion class bitches, Pipsa was third.
In the middle Jewbull's Ally McBeal who was second in Champion Class bitches.

Sammy was Classwinner2 and BestDog3

Minni was best white bitch in show and best bitch born in Finland, 2nd in Best Bitch contest and got Res-CC

Tikru was best bitch in Champion Class and BestBitch3 in the show

Pipsa was third best bitch in Champion Class

Vertti & Mr. David McHale