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We live in Loimaa a little town in the Southwest of Finland. Our kennelname Pinebulls comes from the fact that our house is located beside a pineforest. We belong to the Finnish Kennelclub and the Bulldog Club of Finland.

We got our first bulldog "Bonzo" in 1989. Bonzo lived as a loved "homedog" for over 12 years.
The big push for breeding bulldogs came in spring 2002 when we got a sweet little Nanna (Schjetnes Danish Glamour Girl) from Denmark and for her friend lovely gentle Pipsa from Kaasmarkku (Jewbull´s Celine Dion).
In the same fall arrived handsome bulldog-male Sammy (Wencar River of Gold) from England.
And when in the end of summer 2003 Tikru (Pinebull From The Bulls Compagnie) from Netherlands came to our dogfamily and little later Kurko (Mr. Akiman From The Bulls Compagnie), also from Netherlands, for co-own was the "basis" for broad-based breeding complete.

First Pinebulls litter saw the daylight at fall 2003 and from this litter stayed home adorable Minni (Pinebulls All My Life).

Our attention is to breed typical healthy englishbulldogs with lovely characters in our home, part of our family - loving by a big heart. More of our dogs at Bulldogs page.